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"All the answers we seek in life are within; it is from within that we find Peace", Rose.


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Innerflection April - May 2017


Dear ones I want to thank you for your continued belief and prayers to the Source, Ascended Master, Archangels and many others in the Spiritual Realm.  These prayers and meditation are a direct support of those Spiritual Beings and offer much energy for them to fulfil their mission to guide and help us.

You are so wonderful and your capabilities run deeper than you can imagine; all you have to do is look inside and act from the heart.  Let not your mind or the dogma of the past mislead and misdirect you.  You are the one who has all the answers right inside you.  Go into deep meditation and allow yourself to dwell there for a time.  Feel the vibration and watch the light as it develops.  Stop telling yourself what you believe and what you think, allow yourself to listen and find the blessed answers as they rise up.

I love you and I pray for you every day.  The Source is with us in this life and will lift us upon high.

Many Blessings!


One of my Masters

My Higher Self